The Best Kitchen Lighting Fixtures For Every Use

Kitchen is an important space in every house, Cos its where most edibles that we eat are being prepared. 

Kitchen is more than just decorative touch, the cabinet and shelves, that’s why we will take a look at lighting fixtures and how it can add more style and swag in our kitchen.

Pendant lightning

Mini Pendant

Island lights


Cylinder Pendant

Track lighting

Recessed light

Under Cabinet lighting.

Single Glass Pendant light

Kitchen lighting Kitchen lightingBest Wall Tiles Design For Your Kitchen

This type of lighting fixtures is available in different sizes and shapes. It illuminates the kitchen and gives it a good balance.

Mini Pendant


Not much separates these two,(Pendant and mini Pendant)only that the mini pendent bulb is a little bigger in size.

Island Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

You can get this type of light in different sizes and shapes, like bell shape and box shapes. A simple  lighting fixture that will provide a much needed brightness in abundance.


Kitchen lighting

One of the oldest lighting fixtures and one of the most popular. A chandelier is a very unique light that can change the look of every kitchen.

Cylinder Pendant

A unique and charming lighting fixture that will be nothing but amassing for your kitchen.

Ceiling light

Kitchen lighting

This chic black white ceiling lamp is adjustable to any direction you like, which makes it so gorgeous for you kitchen.

Track/Magnetic lighting

Kitchen lighting fixtures

Make your kitchen to be the best it can be. This track can only inspire you more.


Most kitchens are woefully under lit. Lighting is often an after thought yet even when it’s carefully planned, designers and lighting experts often don’t agree on which lamps work best. That’s where recessed comes in as it can fit most kitchen patterns.

Under cabinet

Kitchen lighting

From Pictures you will see how to construct under cabinet lighting. You will also see how designed one look like.


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